'shadowlike' A/w women's rtw                                                                                       < b a c k

'Shadowlike' was inspired by the Pacific Northwest Coast, and embodies the characteristics of whimsical, enchanting forestry.  After living in Oregon for the summer of 2015, I was inspired by the muted colors of the woodlands and coastal landscape, and fell in love with the way the mist and fog rolled over the waters and rocks.  Leaf structure, tree anatomy, and plant complexity inspired the pleats, tucks, and pocket/zipper placements throughout the collection.  This collection exhibits my appreciation for the West Coast and its' delicacy. (Featuring Black Asymmetrical Pleat Dress)

The target consumer for this collection is a contemporary woman, aged between 22-26, who is willing to show off her aesthetic through details and simple clothing.  She enjoys traveling, finds her comfort in cafes with her closest friends, and never passes up intellectual conversation.  The consumer values comfort over ornament, but enjoys looking clean and polished with ease.