DEFECT is a functional capsule collection inspired by the connection of the mentalities between creation and sport. Looking at Greek sculpture (practice of creation + design) and sport, there’s a common desire to achieve perfection and success. It takes hours of training, hours of practice, determination, will, and an eye for perfection to achieve our version of success. Along the way in this process, there will be times where we mess up a sketch, throw away the paper and start over; times where we don’t want to wake up for morning practice, so we skip; times where we get second place by .01; and times we have to harden our heart with feedback. These trials and errors make us into a better person, designer, athlete, artist. These ‘defects’ or errors in our journey are essential.

DEFECT highlights errors and the imperfections, the breakage of strong structure. The garments allude to strength, but have imperfections in symmetry and build. Proportions are differentiated, and functions are over-exposed.